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My 15th Book! November 2023 

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields



"Kennedy writes like Tommy Tiernan on speed" - Liam Murphy, Munster Express Critic.

"Kennedy writes with a fondness that is infectious and has painstakingly researched his topic. Superb and "Floodlights" is a must have for League of Ireland fans" - Martin Claffrey (Irish Examiner)

"You don't have to be mad to support Exeter City or even write about them, but Brian Kennedy's story of that journey makes for wonderful reading." FourFourTwo Magazine"


Supporters will certainly warm to and identify with "Just Follow The Floodlights", the book treats the league with the passion it deserves" - Gareth Maher (Irish Daily Mail)


"Just Follow The Floodlights Is a spendidly researched book and essential reading" - (The Southern Star)

  "Brian Kennedy is surely one of Waterford's most prolific writers of recent years" The Munster Express 

    "Excellent. A different and passionate viewpoint from a man who lives for the club yet lives in Waterford, Ireland! - Mike Blackstone on "Confessions of an Exeter City Nut"  

"A really enjoyable yarn about a punter we have all met" Paul Lennon (The Star) Poor 'Ol Harry Sack.

 "Stories that fertilise the folklore of Waterford football's grassroots" Jamie O' Keeffe (Munster Express) review on "Blow It Up Ref!"

" 2012's offering, Radio Blaa Blaa, is an excellent book that covers the Waterford Pirate Radio Scene from days gone by" Hot Press


"If the bookshelf handed out stars, I'd give this 6 out of 5.  Mary Crowley, The Bookshelf on "That  Summer In Dublin!"   


                   "A superb, and timely cerebration of Bagatelle . Kennedy brings the book to life with wonderful interviews and archives fans will love" Gareth Murray, Irish Independent                                 

"Kennedy is a prolific author having penned 15 books across various genres, some to critical acclaim. He has also achieved the status of #1 Amazon best-selling author. Kennedy's passion for storytelling and a dedication to preserving history shines through in his engaging works" Bing.Com        n



15 books in the past 19 years folks. I credit Jack Daniels and numerous forms of drugs (all legal) to get me to that point! My sales have topped 17,000 and I've had an Amazon No.1 Best Seller. not bad for a guy that can't spell!

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This site is dedicated to my mum. She was always the driving force behind my writing and always gave the best advice (as mum's do.) She passed away November 2016 but her spirit will always live on as she's still with me ....every day of my life.

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