13.08.2021 ..Its taken a lifetime of supporting them but Arsenal under Arteta are absolute fucking shit. Beaten on the first day of the new season with Chelsea & Man City to come. Please just fuck off out of the club Lego-head and give us a chance to do something this year!!!


02.07.21; So I've decided to go through with a book detailing the history of the Waterford Referees Society along with the local Factory & Pubs League. There will be a lot of interest in all three categories buy I need to hustle to get this out for Christmas. I've done about 5 months research and kept putting off the actual start of the book because, well surfing the internet is a lot more fun then writing a book that will add even more grey hairs to my head.

That said I've committed to writing five pages a day so by September I should have broken the back of it and hopefully have a late November early December launch. Wish me luck!!!!!! 

01.01.20 I am absolutely heartbroken. Liam (Reilly) passed away last night unexpectedly aged just 65. Got the horrible text this morning at around 9am. Its 2 days into 2021 and the year can basically fuck off now. It's a terrible loss to his friends, family and Ken Doyle, now the only surviving member still active in Bagatelle. I haven't the heart to promote or sell the book now (mind you as expected I got a lot of orders on the back of Liam's passing.) That's always been a fucked up.  Sn artist you like dies and its like "I better go get their greatest hits as there will be a re-issue now". Its a sad day for music, a said day for Liam's family and a sad day for Bagatelle.


01.21 Happy New Year and good riddance to the year we have all just had. A year never to be forgotten. Boy that Covid 19 sucked bigtime! On the plus side we got "That Summer in Dublin!" out despite the obvious drawbacks . Here's hoping the band get back playing soon....and I can flog a few more books! Take care of you.


08.10.20  Delighted to say that with almost three years of hard graft I release my 13th book -That Summer In Dublin!- this week. Of course its only online at present. The Covid-19 has made a balls of everything so I have to work within that limit at the moment No book launch, no band dates, just selling it online. Still once we are happy , healthy and above ground I'll count my blessingss.

More details will folow here soon.

04.4.20 A couple of weeks ago I was laughing at the Coronavirus but boy has my head been turned! We are living in unprecedented times. For many this will be a defining moment in their lives, like those who remember where they were when JFK was shot or 9/11. All we can do is keep safe, stay at home and hope better times come soon. 


12.2.20 Valentines Day... it's a load of bollocks really. I men us guys are the - last minute dash to petrol station for last €2 card, Aidl flowers (we pass off as Interflora) and mangled box of Roses in the hope of a good night in the sack - type of specimens.  Storm Dennis in battering my office window as I do my pools coupon whilst reading "My Chinese Experience" a new book by local man Billy Costine - a follow on from his first book "Flight of a Magpie". Best of luck to him.

29.01.20 Been a while in the making but I'm finally almost finished "Rock & Roll Never Forgets" the Bagatelle biography I have been working on. Should have a fancy Dublin launch around April but Jesus Christ I'm not looking forward to the traveling around the country to promote it, mainly because most of the time I haven't a clue where I'm going. I could easily start out for Wexford and end up in Westmeath! 

26.12.19  - Very sad to have lost two Waterford legends in the space of 24 hours. First Johnny Matthews passes away aged 73 now  just learned of Dick Hayes passing at 74. Both were bona fide Waterford legends. Johnny hit 147 goals in a star studded LOI career while Dick Hayes had started gigging at the tender age of 14 and joining showbands like The Silvertones, The Decca Showband and had a Top 30 UK hit in 1965 with "Hey Schoolgirl". A bed of heaven to both.


02.11.19 Delighted to finally hand over €2500 to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind today. That of course came from our kind sponsor Paddy Power for the recent Mascot Race. The Irish Heart Foundation received €1000 as well. Check out my social media Facebook/Twitter for more on this.