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Escape To Victory . How Ipswich helped win World War II.

For this blog I’ve reached back to a story of an unlikely underdog, Nazi Germany some awful Michael Caine acting and the fact Ipswich Town helped win World War II. I’m talking of course about Escape To Victory, the 1981 classic that practically every footy fan has watched at least once in their lifetime. The film has everything. Brown envelopes, Rocky between the sticks and an over-head kick by a man who fronts erectile dysfunction adverts. The film of course tells the story of how nasty Max Von Sydow (he’s an ex-German footballer with a passion for imprisoning anyone who’s not German, or maybe Austrian) comes up with the idea of playing a match between the Allies and their nemesis in a vai

The League of Ireland Fans Survival Guide

THE LEAGUE OF IRELAND FANS SURVIVAL GUIDE (All every diehard fan needs to actually get through a season without taking their own life!) 1.OPTIMISM; Even if it’s hopeful, misplaced or pure blind, every fan from Dundalk to Derry, Waterford to Wexford and all in-between will have dreams somewhere between winning 33 games in a row or avoiding finishing last and not getting beat 17-0 by Fanad United in the first round of the cup. 2. SAT-NAV: If you intend travelling by car to Sligo and don’t want to end up stuck in Donegal talking to a farmer called Joe and his five sheep in the field you actually thought there was a football stadium in, then a Sat-Nav is a must. Sure they do lead the odd person

Gone But Not Forgotten -

League Of Ireland Shield 1921-1973 Believe it or not there used to be a football competition unlike any other on the continent that was distinctly Irish. A competition that could get you into Europe before a ball was kicked in anger in the league. A third choice tournament but contested as fiercely as any of the two cups ranked above them. The League of Ireland Shield was that competition. Hailing from our exciting beginnings of independence and continuing throughout the decades until interest and attendance wained, the League of Ireland Shield carried much prestige. Though being ranked as the League of Ireland’s third most important trophy it was still highly thought of, mainly because its

Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland

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