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Standing Up for Sitting Down?

It's 0-0 in your local derby. You've been through 90 pulsating minutes but not yet secured the win that gives you bragging rights on a Monday morning in the office or factory floor for at least a couple of months. The fourth official shines a neon sign into the night with the number 5 on it, indicating exactly how much time you have to kick every ball and win every header from the stand in hope it translates to your eleven on the pitch. You stand and bellow support to them , willing them on. It doesn't matter if its to finally make the net bulge or hanging on for dear life, throwing their bodies in front of everything to make sure your mental health doesn't suffer by a last minute own goal o

When The Cats Had The Cream.

There have been so many League of Ireland clubs that have gone bust over the years that I’m sure everyone at some point can remember the sad departure of at least one of those sides. Drumcondra’s demise in the early seventies became one of the highest profiles. The first non-league winners of the FAI Cup, the first Irish team to win a tie in Europe, a club that’s boasted a huge array of talent and honours throughout the years which included 5 LOI titles, 5 FAI Cups and 4 LOI Shield’s. But for every trophy-laden cabinet at a Drumcondra, Cork United or St James’ Gate there was always a handful more of minnows whose very existence in the league proved their reward. One such team was Kilkenny Ci

Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland

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