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Let's start this blog off with the best piece of factual news about games & hobbies that you'll ever need to know. SUBBUTEO IS THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD! Now that I have your attention it's hard, from a personal point of view and one who played as many Spectrum/Commodore 64 footy games as possible with my reclusive childhood to look past the game Peter Adolph (1916-1994) conjured up in 1946. Of course then he hadn't fancy stadia, retro railing and floodlights that never worked (even when they did it lit about 10% of the pitch so if you had around 12 floodlights you'd probably be alright , but broke) and the basics were, well very basic. His first Subbuteo kit consisted of goals made fro

Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland

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