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So Are You Hard To The Core?

Kudos to any fan that travels the length of the country to watch their League of Ireland team play every second week (when we actually get to again anyway that is.) It's the reason I wrote JFTF. It may mean a five hour trip from the South-East to Sligo Rovers to watch your side lose 1-0 to a 98th minute goal off the ref’s arse in the pissing rain but you’ll do it all again 14 days later, such is your love for the club. Trips like that really separate the men from the boys (or the women from the girls not to be sexist), but what really does make a hard core fan? Here are a few questions below to test yourselves! You are asked at short notice to travel to Finn Harps in a 5,000 mile (well OK it

An Age of Innocence When Music Video Ruled the Airwaves....MT USA

1984. A year when 50,000 souls emigrated across the pond, stateside, in hope of a job of any sort, and with it adding the unfortunate moniker of "illegal alien." Hillery was president, Fitzgerald lead a Fine Gael/Labour government as useless as a one legged man in an arse-kicking contest who got hammered in local and European elections. We paid 54p in every Irish punt in Tax ...That's right, tax. Men worked hard for hardly nothing, no equal rights or pay for women and the dirty word "divorce" was still a shameful label in a country that was ruled by the Catholic church whose shameful secrets would only come to light in later years. It was a time when 567 year old Ronald Regan found his Irish

Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland

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