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Let's start this blog off with the best piece of factual news about games & hobbies that you'll ever need to know. SUBBUTEO IS THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD!

Now that I have your attention it's hard, from a personal point of view and one who played as many Spectrum/Commodore 64 footy games as possible with my reclusive childhood to look past the game Peter Adolph (1916-1994) conjured up in 1946. Of course then he hadn't fancy stadia, retro railing and floodlights that never worked (even when they did it lit about 10% of the pitch so if you had around 12 floodlights you'd probably be alright , but broke) and the basics were, well very basic.

His first Subbuteo kit consisted of goals made from wire and paper nets a ball bigger than the players and cardboard playing figures in the good old time honoured red & blue figures.The bases were made from buttons and weighed down by lead washers.

In 1961 we were treated to the hand painted figures that are used now except the paint on said players was very rough. Each player practically looked like they'd need cosmetic surgery after the dollops of black hair coming down to their eyes and the skin looking as if it was melted off them.

Since you could snap a subbuteo players leg like a kit-kat, glue became an important source of relief, in fact adding a dollop of glue to the players legs made him indestructible. Many a goal was notched by a centre forward held together with a tube of UHU. Sometimes all you could see was a base, a head and a body completely covered in Bostick!