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An Age of Innocence When Music Video Ruled the Airwaves....MT USA

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

1984. A year when 50,000 souls emigrated across the pond, stateside, in hope of a job of any sort, and with it adding the unfortunate moniker of "illegal alien." Hillery was president, Fitzgerald lead a Fine Gael/Labour government as useless as a one legged man in an arse-kicking contest who got hammered in local and European elections.

We paid 54p in every Irish punt in Tax ...That's right, tax. Men worked hard for hardly nothing, no equal rights or pay for women and the dirty word "divorce" was still a shameful label in a country that was ruled by the Catholic church whose shameful secrets would only come to light in later years. It was a time when 567 year old Ronald Regan found his Irish roots in Tipperary and a Conservative British prime minister was involved in efforts to resolve the North’s problems and Sectarian fighting, having just brought the hard-working miners across the water to their knees.

That reign of tyranny would ensure there would be no joining of North and South. Orange marches down Nationalist roads. The murder of innocents. In August 1984 Detective Sargent Frank Hand was killed by the IRA as he escorted a cash delivery to a post office at Drumcree, Co Meath. Peace was depressingly a long way away. There would be a high profile release of a man falsely imprisoned. Nicky Kelly was released from prison on humanitarian grounds in 1984. He was jailed six years earlier for his alleged part in the Sallins Train Robbery. He received a presidential pardon in 1992 with over One million pound compensation.