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Oh For that Summer in Dublin! Olive Ryan (Bagatelle No.1 fan)

Updated: Jan 1

Though Irish legends Bagatelle have been plying their trade now for an astonishing 42 years, earning gold & platinum albums along the way and playing to hundreds of thousands, its unlikely they have a bigger fan that Olive Ryan.

Here's her charming story about how see became Bagatelle's number 1 fan.

I grew up in a small village called Doon in County Limerick and used to listen to the radio a lot. 2FM had just started and they played so much new pop stuff. It was there that I first heard “Summer in Dublin”. I love a huge range of music, but this song stood out the first time I heard it over the airwaves. In 1980, my older brother Tony moved to Dublin for work. That was his first summer in Dublin, the reason why the song related to him.

One weekend Tony arrived home with Bagatelle’s first album on cassette. Naturally, I played it until it was nearly worn out. Yes, it had “Summer in Dublin” but I also discovered great tracks like “Trump Card”, “Leeson Street Lady” and “City Lights”, however my favourite was “Rock & Roll Fantasy”.

Soon after my brother got myself and my sister Norah tickets to go see Bagatelle in concert at the Savoy in Limerick. I can even remember the date. May 22nd, 1981.